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Chris's Links:  -  Where Chris works - Download your favorite commercials -Find and share almost any song you can imagine in mp3 format. (Replacement for Napster.  Easy, Fast, and User Friendly) - Vote on the issues of the day and your vote will be sent to the people involved such as the president and congress. (Highly Recommended!) - The best place for free fantasy sports. - I know, I know.  But hey, the truth hurts sometimes.

Kristi's Links: - The home of Emeril Lugassi, my favorite chef. - Great deals on imported foods and cooking items. - Find out what happened on Young and the Restless today (as well as your favorite soap). - Local TV station has a software program called The Milk Program.  It is a way to collect information about your child with a picture in case they get lost or abducted. - Great place to shop.  Unique gift ideas. - The female Rush Limbaugh.  The only difference is she tells you what you are doing wrong, not the politicians. - Consumer Activist with good advice on almost anything.  Scams, investing, products, etc...


Jordan's Links: - Jordan likes to visit Rolie Polie Olie and Bear in the Big Blue House.